Amplicon BioLabs support you in your industrial analytical and students research needs with our expertise and diverse services.
Amplicon BioLabs delivers innovative and bespoke solutions to meet these needs of industrial world and researchers. We provide quality assurance, testing, inspection, as well as education and advisory services, assistance with product and process design and development. Amplicon BioLabs expertise offers you the peace of mind that our timely and efficient services by providing quality test results. Our assurance is to conduct business through self imposed Professional Ethics and Quality Management Systems there by giving relevant, reliable, timely test results which is interpreted correctly. Amplicon BioLabs people assurance are part of our commitment to Total Quality Assurance, supporting project work and in research and development through continuous evolution of workforce to maximise employee potential.

Amplicon BioLabs provides businesses with the following service offerings:

Commercial Water Testing Services

For Healthcare, Institutions, Food Industries, Offices & Manufacturing Facilities
Let us certify that your process water meets your specifications. We can test your water samples for total organic carbon, chlorine levels, and heavy metals. You can count on our team of experienced microbiologists to support the safety of your water system. We utilize rapid technology and traditional cultural methods for detection of bacteria and waterborne pathogens like E. coli and Legionella.

Exceptional Laboratory Services for Food Safety

Amplicon BioLabs stands on the front lines in the battle against foodborne illness and remainscommitted to reducing the occurrence of sickness, hospitalization, and death from contaminated food. Food Safety is only possible through the assiduous examination of products, components, and facilities. A myriad of contaminants can infect food, making it unsafe for consumers. Food manufacturers need a partner lab that can screen for multiple adulterants in a precise timeframe.
Amplicon BioLabs operates microbiology and analytical chemistry labs offering food producers a one-stop-shop for their food safety and quality control needs.

Laboratory Testing Services for Dietary Supplement Products

Consumers’ desire for increased health and wellness has created a worldwide demand for dietary supplement products. People take supplement products to treat or prevent a myriad of conditions or to enhance overall health. With increased demand comes heightened scrutiny, and supplement companies must maintain a competent network of service providers to meet regulatory requirements.
Amplicon BioLabs has served the Dietary Supplement industry by providing versatile, compliant laboratory services. Supplements comprise an extensive range of product types, and Amplicon BioLabs has the experience working with a multitude of items, including probiotics, botanicals, vitamins, and minerals.

Microbial Identification

Amplicon BioLabs provides cost-effective, accurate identification of microorganisms (including yeasts and filamentous fungi). It can be used for environmental, product and/or research and development applications.

Student Project Work

Project work challenges students to think beyond the boundaries of the classroom, helping them develop the skills, behaviors, and confidence necessary for success in their educational carrier. Amplicon BioLabs provides opportunities for students in graduate and post-graduate programmes to carry out project work under the supervision of the Institute’s scientists towards partial fulfilment of their degrees. The requests must come from the Heads of Departments, and must provide the academic resumes of the recommended student(s) as well as the period of proposed project work. Requests are considered on the basis of available vacancies.
Constant efforts are made by us to provide state of the art resources in the lab to meet the demands of the project ideas requiring cutting edge technology.

Science Innovation Lab

Amplicon BioLabs Science Innovation Lab, students learn through experience. They are active participants in experiments designed to teach key concepts of science and technology. Our ultimate aim is to work with schools to help foster “scientific temper” amongst students. This way of teaching helps students to grasp scientific concepts more deeply and thoroughly than traditional learning methods. Students with a deep understanding of science are better able to implement it for the wellbeing of the society.