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Amplicon Biolabs, provides the most convenient, full service contract research and testing organization which offers trusted testing service to industries and to the people in and around Malappuram and Kozhikode.
The pioneering Contract Research and Analysis Services Company was founded by professionals with proven expertise in Analytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Life Science. Our services include quality control services, research, product development, analytical testing, technical consultancy and human resource development.
Amplicon Biolabs is a contract research organization devoted in research and training in Life science with wide range of services in Quality Control Testing for food industries, Bio-Sciences and Bioinformatics. Amblicon Biolabs is able to provide faster and timely services compared to the facility offered by other laboratories located in the region. Amplicon delivers timely, unbiased and quality test results as per national and international test standards by maintaining a high level of professionalism in laboratory practices. This shall be achieved through developing a transparent system as per the requirement of accreditation authority, consistent test methods, teamwork and involvement of employees who strive to achieve customer satisfaction. Our focus is to provide prompt, accurate and reliable testing and consultancy services at affordable costs.
Amplicon Biolabs has identified that there is a dearth in the quality scientific manpower in India. Amplicon Biolabs is one of its kinds in offering training in multidisciplinary program that offers hands-on training to students that suits the demands of industry and research laboratories. This helps in meeting the demand of the Industry and Research institutes by nurturing quality professionals interested in bringing about breakthrough innovations.


Amplicon Biolabs was established with an objective of delivering services to create abetter, more sustainable way of life; to provide tremendous value by being at the cuttingedge of Biotechnology research and technology, and to address brewing challenges.


Our Mission at Amplicon Biolabsis is to offer innovative and exceptional analytical process and methodologies that help industries, organizations and student communities of all sizes to achieve predictable, improved product quality level, turnaround time & cost associated with testing integrity requirements.


Amplicon Biolabs is enriched with PANCH-TATVA: Integrity, Confidence, Respect,Innovation and solidarity.

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