There is always a lot to speak how research has changed the world. An innovation is an overall value produced from a futuristic thought through any form of research. We understand the value of innovative thoughts and this research projects facilitation programme is all about providing space, mentorship and incubation to make your research reach its destination. Our Thesis and Dissertation Programme aims to provide technique rich, hands-on training for students, helping them to apply a wide variety of advanced techniques in problem solving exercises.
The programme is specially designed in a way to provide necessary opportunity to the students of science and technology discipline to work in valuable research projects which is a part of their curriculum. The scope of the research projects at Amplicon BioLabs is beyond the academic expectations, and sail towards industrial expectations.


  • Students joining for research projects will be mentored with essential research and implementing insights

  • Project students will be given access to thousands of Amplicon BioLabs standard operating procedures during the project period which helps them to finish the experiments in timely manner and also helps to achieve reproducible results.

  • Project student will be guided to write his/her own dissertation/thesis as per his/her university norms.

  • Project students will be assisted in writing research papers and assistance will also be extended in peer reviewed journal communication.

  • PG and hostels are available for student accommodation near Amplicon BioLabs.

Cluster Projects

Join in cluster or group project for performing your under-graduation or post-graduation research projects.
You will be working in a team. Our mentors involve in the research work to modify/improve the experiments to reach the research goals and will stand by the research cluster whenever needed.

Standalone Projects

You can make your own proposal and get it approved by our research team and you can start working on your project.
You will be working individually. Mentor support will be given