Dr. Mashhoor K

Head, Department of Biotechnology,
EMEA College of Arts and Science, Kerala

"I strongly believe that the philosophy and the aims of the Amplicon BioLabs modules are really new in the group project work for students. I appreciate and enjoy the interaction of the Lab guides with the students. I can say that we always learn from them, receive insights on how we should improve towards and where we should direct our teaching effort, as project guides."

Dr. Muhammed Abdul Rafeeq K.U

Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology
MES College Mampad

“I have had the opportunity to have some close interaction with the Lab teams of the Amplicon BioLabs. I was very happy to see a highly competent set of faculties, committed to a strong Department offering great research experience at this Institute. In a short time, the Lab have created brand names for themselves, making the programs offered by them a preferred destination for young people of the region. I am also aware of the strong commitment of the Institute leadership for creating an excellent infrastructure and ambience for students. I am happy to commend these efforts and wish the Institute and the leadership, success in creating a state of art learning and research environment."

Dr. E. Julie

Assistant professor, Department of Zoology
Providence women's college Kozhikode

“Amplicon BioLabs is the newest amongst the research and development labs. Though it has been in the existence for only 4 years, it has already started making waves. It has been able to attract excellent facility, start strong research project work, and everything else that you would want from a good academic and research laboratory."

Dr. Sangeetha G Kaimal

Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology
Providence women's college, Kozhikode

“We had students from our college working in academic projects at Amplicon BioLabs, KINFRA Kakkancherry. The guidance provided by the Team Amplicon moulded the students technically very well prepared as well as possessing adequate soft skills. They were as good as the peer group from tier-one quality control and research lab.”

Dr. N. Sajitha

Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology
AAGASC, Karaikal, UT of Puducherry

“I gained the satisfaction of witnessing the personal and professional growth of students engaged in scientific research at Amplicon BioLabs. “I am confident, given the leadership and the high quality faculty the lab has already have will place the lab into one of the top research laboratory within a few years.”

Dr. Praseeja Cheruparambath

Assistant Professor, Department of zoology
SN College Nattika

“Amplicon BioLabs is championing the model of selfsustainability, which has huge potential for scalability. Good luck to the Amplicon BioLab Team in their future endeavour."

The internship was very informative and I gained more knowledge from our guide who gave his dedicated attention and helped me to get more information on Food Science Lab handling.- Abhirami,
M.Sc.Food Technology,
Padmashree Institute of Management & Sciences,
Kommagatta, Kengeri, Bengaluru.
I have learnt here about nutraceuticals, biofortification of food and their developing process in the field of food technology. Also, I learnt the preliminary steps and skills required for becoming a researcher with good laboratory practices.
- Angeline Rose,
M.Sc.Food Technology,
Padmashree Institute of Management & Sciences,
Kommagatta, Kengeri, Bengaluru.
I had gain more practical knowledge in lab. The environment here is friendly. I got more information about the field of research project and it was very useful. I felt friendly to interact with the guide.
- Ardra A,
M.Sc. Microbiology,
Paravur, Ernakulam.
Dear Sir, Thank you for the wonderful guidance by you at Amplicon BioLabs. It was a great learning experience for me and I shall cherish it for a long time to come.
- Shafeed Salam,
B.Sc. food Technology,
MSTM Arts & Science College,
“Sometimes the best thing to say is thank you. With that being said, Amplicon BioLabs team has helped me tremendously here to complete my project work. So thank you, thank you, thank you.”
- Abhaya Mariyam Dennise,
M.Sc. Biochemistry,
SNGIST Arts & Science College,
N. Paravur.
“I have really appreciated you getting back to me so quickly on things. I would highly recommend you in the future!.
- Aswin Bhaskar,
M.Sc. Zoology,
MES KVM College
Training was excellent with good interaction. Knowledge sharing is good. Course was practically and informative. Training team is enthusiastic and really aware of what they were explaining. The course helped to build confidence, Valuable experiences and learning.
- Vaishnu V,
Vazhayur, Malappuram.
I had great experience learning with Amplicon BioLabs. You guys are doing an amazing job. The course plan and the timing are just convenient for students like us and quite helpful in exploring the area and understanding the current scenario. The assignment section is another remarkable thing, it made me go through many pieces of literature. It is one of the best experiences in my life learning with you. I am taking this opportunity to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Akshaya,
M.Sc. Microbilogy,
MAMO College,
Mukkam, Kozhikode.
It was a really very good experience. All the details covered by team Amplicon is really great. Every smallest information was well explained. I am really thankful to Amplicon BioLabs.
- Rajesh K V,
Govt. Brennen College,
Thalassery, Kannur
“I am most impressed with the level of guidance I receive from Amplicon BioLab. The helpfulness, courtesy and professionalism of all staff with whom I’ve dealt have been outstanding.”
- Shameem P,
M.Sc. Microbiology,
Pazhassiraya College,
Pulpally, Wayanad