Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals Testing
The nutraceutical industry is growing rapidly because of the popular claim that they do not have the side effects that medications can produce since they are derived from natural sources. Similarly, no prescription is needed to buy them. Probiotics, antioxidants, and phytochemicals are some.

As industry is largely unregulated, consumers are starting to educate themselves by researching the products with the best health “ratings”, including safety for consumption. Manufacturers and suppliers can help establish trustworthiness & integrity by having a third-party lab like Amplicon Biolabs’ to analyze their products and confirm the absence (or at least non-toxic levels) of certain elemental impurities including :

Dietary Supplements Finished Products Testing

Stability Studies Testing

Calories Testing

calories from fat Testing

Total fat Testing

Saturated Fat Testing

Cholesterol Testing

Sodium Testing

Total Carbohydrate Testing

Dietary Fiber Testing

Sugars Testing

Protein Testing

Daily Value Calculations Microbiology Testing

Escherichia coli Testing

Total coliforms Testing

Lactobacillus Testing

Staphylococcus aureus Testing

Yeast Testing

Mold Testing

Fungi Testing

Preservative Efficacy Testing

Stability Testing

Shelf-Life Testing

Bacillus cereus Testing

Consumer products Testing

Analytical Chemistry Testing

Minerals Testing

Fats Testing

Oils Fatty Acid Profiles Testing

Calories Testing

Carbohydrates Testing

Salmonella Testing