Amplicon Biolabs understand your laboratory needs do not always follow compendial guidelines or previously determined methodology. We know that sometimes you need to operate “outside the box.” That is why we have designed the Amplicon BioLabs Research and Development Wing, to be versatile to meet your needs. We are able to collaboratively design and execute studies that accomplish your product-specific objectives. Our laboratory environments can be adapted to accommodate a broad range of analytes and matrices within a variety of projects simultaneously. We are able to adhere to specific regulatory guidelines needed to maintain a level of quality and data management.

Our Analytical R&D Laboratory can provide Method Development, Method Validation, Method Verification and Method Transfer services for a wide range of matrices and product types. We understand analytical results and data are only as reliable as the integrity and robustness of the methodology. The Amplicon BioLabs R&D laboratory can provide the assurance you need that the methods being utilized are accurate and effective.

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