Water and Wastewater Testing Services
Accurate testing of drinking water is crucial to maintaining the health and safety of users who rely on this resource. We are following the approved versions of Indian and International Standard Methods (APHA, AOAC) for excellence in each analysis. We have full-fledged Wet lab facilities for the Physico-chemical analysis of water and effluent samples, Microbiology Lab for the estimation of microbial quality of water and Instrumental analysis section with Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) for the analysis of Zinc, Copper, Cadmium, Lead, Nickel, Aluminium, Boron, Manganese, UV-VIS Double Beam Spectrophotometers for all Colorimetric estimations, Flame Photometer for the analysis of Alkaline earth metals etc.
The laboratory undertakes a range of physical, chemical and microbiological testing on water and wastewater samples in accordance with validated methods.

Analyzing Parameters

Physical Testing

Chemical Testing for anions and cations

Microbiological Testing for infectious microbes

Pesticide Residues

  • Colour, Odour , Turbidity, Conductivity
  • pH, Acidity, Alkalinity
  • Residual Chlorine, Chloride, Salinity
  • Total Hardness, Ca & Mg Hardness
  • Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Silica
  • Metal ions (Cd, Cu, Pb, Mn, Hg, Ni, K.Na, Zn,)
  • Nitrogen (Ammonia), Nitrate, Nitrite Nitrogen, TKN
  • Fluoride, Iodide, Chromium (Cr 6+)
  • Phosphate, Sulphate, Sulphite
  • Dissolved Oxygen, BOD, COD
  • Oil and Grease, Total organics
  • Pesticides and PAHs, Phenolic Compounds
  • Total Solids, Total Dissolved Solids, Total fixed dissolved solids
  • Total Volatile Solids, Total volatile dissolved solids, Total Suspended Solids